Buckle technology type

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  • One-touch sliding fine adjustment at the same time as connection function, unlocked with one hand
  • Helmet, Shoes, Hat, Bag, Protective glasses, Pants etc. Sports and outdoor products
  • Slim Size is the only product with large support load, detachment and fine adjustment


Use a pin Integrate connection Using a connecting ring Sliding operation pin
Support load is large Cost saving, simple installation Standard, external exposure One shot off





Product Mounting Video


Shoe Mounting

Helmet mounting

Belt mounting





Product application




Advantages of the cab buckle

  • Detachable, bi-directional sliding fine adjustment with one-touch simultaneous connection

  • One-handed adjustment with a helmet, Quick release with One Shot

  • It is slim, the pit lives, the supporting load is large (20Kg), the structure does not fail (30,000 times

  • Reduction of manufacturing cost by simple buckle attaching process and less burden on stock due to last process

  • The advantage of the structure that can be adjusted when it is attached to the cap and does not touch the skin

  • Full automatic production of buckle enables cost reduction and mass production