Buckle technology introduction

Product overview


Functional magic buckle that allows fine adjustment in both directions simultaneously with connection of two objects

Depending on the fixing method of the object, there are a method using a separate fixing pin, an integral type of connection part, and a method using a separate ring, each of which has advantages and disadvantages and can be used at the right place.





A. Handle Push Buckle (10-1721335)


  • When the rail moves in the locking direction, the rail is moved by the contact of the inclined surface of the lever and the lever, and the rail is caught by the force of the inner spring when moving in the releasing direction.
  • And the engaging portion is released by pushing the lever handle led out to the outside


Product composition


Rail band

Fixed pin


The frame and the rail are used. Both wings are inserted into the gap on both sides of the rail. The center part is used as a space for fixing the adherend and the sewing thread. At the same time, the buckle is inserted into the rail by the step difference of the thickness of the frame wing. It is installed space.



 Slim size is also the maximum tensile load (Nylon (PA) material 45Kgf, KTL test)

  • With the application of flat rails,
  • It supports the back of the rail and it does not pierce even though it is thin.
  • The lever is supported by the pawl part so that the lever is not pushed.
  • It is used semi-permanently because it prevents the rail from breaking when overloaded.


Slim & Compact

  • The process of attaching the buckle to the SET is simple, the switch is installed on the dead zone,
  • Install the rail on both sides and use the middle part as fixing / pin fixing space


Full automatic mass production of buckles OK! (1 mold of parts mold 1 million / month)





B. One-touch double-length adjustable buckle (10-1832430)


  • To release the lock, hold the operating pin and pull the rail in the releasing direction. As the operating pin slides along the guide groove, the latch is released
  • Locking and unlocking can be fine-tuned in both directions. By using a knob or case on the operating pin, it can be used as a sliding operation switch.


Product composition



The support load is large while being slim. The reason is that the rail has a large banding area, The frame wing rests on the back so that the rails are not punctured even if they are thin. Therefore, the rail can be made thinner, which makes it possible to use soft rails with stronger materials. And it can be reused by preventing the lever and rail from being damaged by over riding. Since the frame wing portion is divided into two sides, the intermediate portion can be utilized as a space for pin fixing for fixing the adherend,

The process of attaching to the set is simple in only two steps and the switch is installed in a dead zone, so it is easy to use.



SMART functional buckle

  • The smart functional buckle of the cab is bigger with the Slim Size.
  • Separable, can be fine-tuned with one hand while it is written, Convenient functional buckle that can be Quick Disengaged by One Motion
  • No downtime for durability. Band material is not broken by nylon.